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Mission School of Prophecy

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One Friday a month, 7:30 to 10:00pm

Mission School of Prophecy meets one Friday night a month from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. The price is $20/session, or register for 9 sessions in advance for just $135.00


If you have a passion to grow in the gift of prophecy and to be part of a rising prophetic culture, then check out the Mission School of Prophecy. You will find each session packed with short insightful teachings, practical activations, and an opportunity for meaningful interaction with prophetic coaches and other students.


practice ways of hearing the voice of God and methods for delivering prophecy.


students activate prophecy as a life skill in practical spheres of society. We also train in past, present and future insights.


Our goal for the Mission School of Prophecy is to sharpen and activate prophetic gifts for impacting every sphere of society. We see prophecy as a vital life skill not just a ministry tool. We practice releasing and judging prophetic words to mobilize their potential for apprehending your identity and destiny.



Dan McCollam
School Founder

Mission School of Prophecy is hosted and directed by Dan McCollam and a team of seasoned prophetic coaches. Dan has spent the last decade teaching at Bethel School of the Prophets with Kris Vallotton and in prophetic conferences around the world. His book, Basic Training in Prophetic Activations, is a must-have manual for sharpening and activating prophetic gifts. In each session, prophetic coaches stand ready to help clarify activations, judge prophetic words, and answer questions.

Josh and Cherie Cawley

Joshua and Cherie Cawley have been part of The Mission community for five years. They both attended The Mission’s Deeper School of the Supernatural for its prophetic blueprint. The Cawleys are devoted to building prophetic community on a personal level and helping people mature in their prophetic leadership while maintaining a fervent pursuit of God’s presence.

Josh and Cherie are co-leading this year’s school.