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Widows Project

Vision: Be the epicenter for marketplace and kingdom connections that transform our world.

Mission:  We are a networking conduit to facilitate organic, covert and overt acts of kindness.

(Passion) James: 1:27 True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values.

Core Values




Desired Outcome

Total Restoration
This endeavor is sponsored and stewarded by the Iron Men; however, it is undergirded by the Justice League (The Dream Team=Coordinators, Intercessors, Widows, & Partners).


Current Project:


We have an opportunity to transform Kristen Doherty's living conditions by supplying a new roof and heating system in her home before the rainy season at the end of September.  Kristen is a faithful sister battling cerebral palsy, and she continues to serve at the Mission and within the community without regard for her conditions.  We primarily serve widows; however, we perceive the LORD highlighted her.  Therefore, we choose to follow HIM.

Why is this campaign important?   It pleases the Heart of Jesus when we take care of others, especially when it is beyond their ability to do so.  Also, acts of compassion release the divine nature within us and open doors for the advancement of our dreams. 

How can you help?  

1. Interceding for the development of the community supporting the Widows Project.

2. Posting/reposting the campaign via social media (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)...primarily Facebook.

3. Giving generously

4. Telling others about the campaign and asking them to do one or all of the previous three support functions

Desired Goal: $14,000

Current GoFundMe Account: approximately $1,755

We celebrate the $1,755 toward the desired outcome. So, thanks to everyone who gave and contributed through prayer and posting via Facebook. 

If you have any questions about The Widows Project or this campaign, please contact Mo Arnold via email 

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