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21 Day Hope Feast

Start the New Year fasting despair and feasting on the expectation of good. Join The Mission family during the first 21 days of January on a daily encounter with the God of all hope.

Why go on a 21-day Hope Feast?

21-day periods have been shown to be especially effective in establishing transformational breakthrough or strengthening resolve. 21 days of soaking in and activating hope will detox your mind and emotions from hope’s enemies and reset your focus on the expectation of good from a good God. Hope will then become your heart’s default.

David Crone’s book, 21 Days of Hope: A Daily Encounter, is the curriculum for this feast and is available at a discount to those who participate in starting 2018 with a feast of hope. You can register here to join the feast, receive 21 daily hope videos from David Crone, and get your discount code for either the book or Kindle download.

The proceeds from the sale of the book will go to help the establishment of a supernatural school in the Solomon Islands.

If you already have David’s book, or wish to use a different resource, please register anyway so you can receive the daily videos, and so we know who is celebrating this feast with us.                                           
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build your fortress of hope and become captivated by the expectation of good.